Some moving pictures starring no:carrier and some others πŸ˜‰

video_boysofsummerThe Boys Of Summer(official video)
Dark, electronic cover version of Don Henley’s classic – from our EP “Ghosts Of The West Coast”.

video_confessionConfession (official video)
A confession without regret or remorse: You know what you have done wrong, but can’t regret it or beg for forgiveness. It can’t be undone. So all that is left is to confess, draw a line under it and go on with your life – maybe a new life.

video_theninedaysqueenThe Nine Days Queen (official video)
A tragic life story woven into a captivating song: Lady Jane Grey was born into dark times, became the Queen of England for nine days and was later beheaded.

video_lastsceneLast Scene (official video)
The official video for the new 2013 single “Last Scene”: What happened back then stays dubious, but there might be an explanation…

video_perfectlysafePerfectly Safe (official video)
Our 2010 video for “Perfectly Safe”: How can you stay safe?


video_mreinsteinMr. Einstein (original version)
This is a tribute video for our song for the Einstein year – an hommage to a great mind.


video_jerusalemuponyourpalmJerusalem Upon Your Palm (Easter Egg Remix)
The exclusive Easter Egg Remix – free download at Soundcloud


video_caskofwondersCask Of Wonders
Just a short presentatione video with pictures from “My Own Dream” and “Between The Chairs”.


There are also some lyrics & annotation videos, explaining the lyrics and meanings:

Enter The Dream/
Escape From The Dream
And Sometimes
Corroded Feedback
For The Unknown Body
All About