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Even we don’t just live in the artist’s ivory tower and are keen to get opinions on our music. Here we collect some reviews and articles about no:carrier:


“…more versatile than ever…”
Orkus Magazine 4/2013

“…the strengths of no:carrier: great melodies, sophisticated lyrics, gripping songs, experimental hints and of course the outstanding voice of Cynthia Wechselberger.” — “no:carrier are not content with producing the usual pop sounds.” — “(the songs) catch the listener and won’t let him go so soon.”
Dark Spy 39, 1/2011

“…a daring act unafraid to set themselves apart by their uniquely direct vocals and dark subject matter. Think Portishead meets Depeche Mode, but more eccentric. It’s strangely addictive.”
Independent Music Promotions

“Slathered in dripping gothesque No:carrier add a wonderful splash of purple to the day.” — “…over the mesmeric music lays a vocal pulling the listener into a hypnosis of expectation.” — “…when you get a voice that naturally sounds like (Marlene) Dietrich (…) it becomes obvious you are listening to the real thing.”
Indie Bands Blog

Confession EP


“The EP, which can only be described as stunning, has carved no:carrier their own path, and the group has fantastically found a way to stand out from the pack by taking all of the history before them to create something new. (…) no:carrier have taken bits and pieces from every single aspect of electronic music, and created something purely and of their own.”
The Big Takeover

“…breathy, mannered vocal, cold electronics and a triumph of songwriting…”

“…a fascinating electro/acoustic hybrid… Wechselberger’s vocals glide over the arrangements in impeccable form, comparable to the powerful female vocal performances on swelling electro tracks like Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy.”
Obscure Sound

“Artist of the Month for March 2014 – Cynthia’s voice as ever is perfection.”
“The beautiful ethereal vocals of Cynthia Wechselberger and the electro output is astonishing in it’s complexity yet simplicity.”
Bearly Rambling

“…completely seduced by no:carrier. …every track on no:carrier’s latest EP Confession is pure delight.”
“You’ll have such a good time with this genius duo, you’ll wear out your Beats by Dre headphones or at the very least sweat through your favorite pajamas or skinny jeans.”
Rockworld Magazine

Last Scene


“…small but noticeable synths creep up into the music as if they were standing in the unlit corner of your room the whole time, waiting for just the right moment to whisper out to you, and some steal the show tickling your inner ear with their analog grittiness.” — “The lazy rhythm section (…) contrasts well with Cynthia’s vocals and the nervous synthesized horn section. The synth, guitars, and sultry silky singing are both foreboding and catchy.” — “Last Scene is clearly the soundtrack to a gloved hand lighting a cigarette in an ivory cigarette holder.”
3.5 stars – ReGen Magazine

“…sounds like electro-cabaret music while driven by the sexy vocals of Cynthia.” — “a kind of cabaret electro”
5/6 – Side-Line

“Less electronic, but much more raw and pressing…” — “Cynthias magnificent voice is captivating and makes ‘Last Scene’ so much more aggressive, darker and more emotional.”
Nachtaktiv Magazin, August 2013

“…for a split second I feel reminded (…) of old days of the Italian band Kirlian Camera.” — “…increases the anticipation for the upcoming album ‘Wisdom & Failure’.”
Amboss Mag

Between The Chairs


“…fully enjoyable. This is a fresh piece of open-minded electro-pop music.” — “Beautiful songs…” — “Cynthia Wechselberger can sing in a rather ‘cold’ style, but also in a more sensual way as well.”
6/7 – Side-Line

“(no:carrier) belong to the pleasant extraordinary appearances.” — “Thoughtful Pop music with Wave attitude, experimental electronics and Cynthias great voice blend into a well-made work of art.” — “…two musicians (…) who really have to say something.” — “Sophisticated but not top-heavy. Reflective but by no means gloomy. Adorable, elegant and eloquent.”
Sonic Seducer 3/2011

“…puts the accent solidly on the songs and the melody.” — “…there is an elegant sparseness to ‘Between The Chairs_ that separates this band from a lot of others in the genre today.” — “(Cynthia’s) voice is smoky yet cool…” — “There really are no bad tracks on ‘Between The Chairs’…” — “A good album worthy of discovery by the masses.”
4/5 stars Chain DLK

“…an insider’s tip for all people who enjoy Electro Pop and who want to leave the beaten tracks.” — “…a highly recommended Synth Pop album, its magic being determined by the clear and elfish voice of the singer.”

“…ranges between timeless Electro and Synth Pop.” — “The smoothly arranged instrumenentation create room for deep vocal parts.” — “A real pearl with great melody!”
Dark Spy 39, 1/2011

“…have managed to combine the genres Pop, Electro and Dark Wave in a very charming way.” — “‘Between The Chairs’ satisfies with very enjoyable and technically good songs.” — “…a fragile music in this overly hectic time.”
Amboss Mag

“To characterize (Cynthias qualities) with ‘versatile’ would be strongly understated.” — “…big heart and (…) passion that no:carrier invest noticeably into their music, and between its poles every song develops its own magic.”
5/6 – Medienkonverter

My Own Dream


Coming soon…