Live video: “Die Roboter – The Robots” Kraftwerk-Cover @ The Viper Room

As we’re both German we just had to play a little German traditional song on our tour of the US Westcoast. And what could be more traditional for an electronic band than a Kraftwerk song? :-)
So here’s the video of our live cover version of “Die Roboter – The Robots”:

Live video: “Let Me Walk Alone” @ the Viper Room

Finally here’s the first live video from our show at the legendary Viper Room in Los Angeles/West Hollywood. It’s “Let Me Walk Alone”, one of the songs from “Wisdom & Failure”:

Wisdom & Failure T-Shirt now available

IMG_4728_bearb_kleinTry to follow one of the two girls, they are called Wisdom & Failure…
Finally you can now also get the great cover art by Cassidy Bliss Cooper to wear :-)
The t-shirt (that some lucky folks already got at our past Shows) features the two girls Wisdom and Failure in full color printing on the front, and a quote from the title song “Wisdom And Failure” on the back. It’s available in sizes M, L and XL at our Bandcamp shop.
Oh, it also comes with a free song :-)

no:carrier’s “Wisdom & Failure” available now

cover_wisdom_failureToday is the big day: Our new album “Wisdom & Failure” is out now in North America and Japan (CD) and digitally worldwide. With the new album new explore the tension and relation between “Wisdom & Failure“. From melancholic retrospection to perseverance on difficult paths. The songs deal with the strength that is necessary to go your own way.

The album is available digitally worldwide at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Beatport and other retailers.
The CD is released in North America and Japan today and can also be ordered from Amazon, Bandcamp and is available at your local record store.
In Europe the CD will be available from May 2nd.

Songwriter Chris Wirsig says, “It’s about being strong, fighting against adversities. You look back, you learn from the past, and maybe you also despair of it. But you stick to your intentions, do what you want, and you go for it, regardless of what others say, regardless of which opinions you hear, regardless of if you’ll succeed or fail.” Throughout the twelve songs the protagonists keep looking back, and are haunted by the ghosts of the past. Hurtful and dunning memories of past events (“Last Scene,” “Alone Now”) stand next to strong characters that carve their own path (“Let Me Walk Alone,” “Losing Sight Of The Coast”) amongst tragic stories about failure (“The Nine Days’ Queen,” “Sunset Castle”). But above all else remains wisdom and strength, both of which can
arise from failure (“Wisdom And Failure”).

The relationship between wisdom and failure is also portrayed on the cover, which has been designed by the young
Californian artist Cassidy Bliss Cooper. It shows the title song’s “two girls called Wisdom and Failure” in watercolor.

“Wisdom & Failure” – pre-order on iTunes and Amazon

cover_wisdom_failureJust a few days before the official release of our new album “Wisdom & Failure” you can already pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon. We’re so excited to finally get the new songs out there :-)
Check the album out at iTunes or Amazon.

no:carrier live shows in California & Nevada, April/May

Wisdom & Failure - Flyer - LIVE_WebWith the new album “Wisdom & Failure” coming out soon, we will hit US roads for the first time to play five shows in California and Nevada. Here are the dates, most of them are with free admission – hope to see you there :-)

• April 21st, 7:00 pm – SAN RAFAEL, CA – Blue Moon Comics, 1560 4th St. – free admission

• April 29th, 9:30 pm – LOS ANGELES/WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – The Viper Room, 8852 West Sunset Blvd.
Album Release Party with special guest: cover designer Cassidy Bliss Cooper

• May 2nd, 9:00 pm – LAS VEGAS, NV – First Friday, Hub Stage, Casino Center Blvd. – free admission

• May 4th, 6:00 pm – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – BrainWash, 1122 Folsom St. – free admission

• May 5th, 7:00 pm – SAUSALITO, CA – Seahorse, 305 Harbor Dr. – free admission
Special guest: Lauralee Brown

More information and RSVP here.

no:carrier’s “Wisdom & Failure” already available for pre-order including 4 immediately downloadable songs

cover_wisdom_failureThe upcoming album “Wisdom & Failure” – release date April 29th (May 2nd for Germany) – is now available as a digital pre-order on our Bandcamp page. If you pre-order it now you can already download four songs from the album, inlcuding a new one, “Let Me Walk Alone”, that you never heard before. We’re really excited to get the new songs out, as they’re really special to us, and we hope you’ll like them :-)
Listen and get the album here!

Confession without regret: no:carrier release “Confession EP” – on iTunes, Amazon…

Released on February 24th, 2014, the “Confession EP” brings three new songs that show the bands’ variety. The title song “Confession“ deals with a confession without regret or remorse: „I know what I have done wrong, but can’t regret it or beg for forgiveness,” says Chris Wirsig while singer Cynthia Wechselberger adds: “You confess your faults and then leave – as you know that you can’t stay after this confession.” Stylistically “Confession” dwells in the field of Synthpop/Electropop, the second new song “Hero To A Fool” surprises with acoustic elements – from tuba to clarinette – but still is electronic. “The lyrics are socio-critical. Sadly we are really living in a time where the dumbest man can look like a hero to a fool, as it is said in the song,” says Chris. “A Bright Room” is the most experimental song of the three new works. Feverish surrealistic lyrics just like from a dream (or nightmare), angelic choirs, deep bass. A perfect soundtrack for the next dark mystery thriller…

“The Nine Days’ Queen” – tragic lifestory in a captivating song

cover_theninedaysqueen“Born on a Sunday, destined to fall prey.” This line summarizes the life and destiny of Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for just nine days. She’s the subject of our new single “The Nine Days’ Queen” that is available digitally now – released (of course) on Sunday, December 8 – at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and others.

A tragic life story woven into a captivating song: “The Nine Days’ Queen” tells the story of Lady Jane Grey who was born into tumultuous, dark times, became the Queen of England for nine days before being dethroned by the real successor of King Edward VI. After several legal struggles Lady Jane Grey was beheaded on February 12, 1554. Musically no:carrier’s trademark dark Electro Noire Pop (already compared to the likes of Kirlian Camera, Dead Can Dance, and as „Portishead meets Depeche Mode“) mingles with medieval instruments and a small orchestra to form a captivating blend of electronic sounds, beats and instruments, with Cynthia’s great voice above all.

The things to come… Single, EP and Album are on the way

Thanks for your patience everyone – finally we can announce what will be coming your way in the next months.
We’ve been working hard on the songs, still mixing and tweaking some of them, and we hope you will like what you’re going to hear!

Please spread the news – thanks! :-)


This is the release schedule for the upcoming releases:

“The Nine Days’ Queen” – December 8, 2013 – single release on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp…

“Confession” – February 2014 – ep release as CD and on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp…

“Wisdom & Failure” – May 2014 – album release as CD and on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp…