Broken Rainbow – the instrumentals (2017)

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Another little thank you to the fans: The instrumental versions of “Broken Rainbow”.

Bad Moon Rising (2017)


Ominous. Eerie. Shadowy. With a vibey take on the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Bad Moon Rising,” the new single and accompanying video are eerily disquieting and unforgettable.

Broken Rainbow (2016)


Dark ambient instrumental album by Chris Wirsig & no:carrier in the vein of Nine Inch Nail’s “Ghosts and Tangerine Dream. The music reflects the lore of adventure, mystery and occult topics surrounding the supposedly Mesoamerican artifacts, the Crystal Skulls, with its unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements.

The 13 Crystal Skulls – Chris Wirsig & no:carrier (2016)


Dark ambient instrumental album by Chris Wirsig & no:carrier in the vein of Nine Inch Nail’s “Ghosts and Tangerine Dream. The music reflects the lore of adventure, mystery and occult topics surrounding the supposedly Mesoamerican artifacts, the Crystal Skulls, with its unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements.

Wisdom & Failure – The Instrumentals (2015)

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We’ve been asked for it, so here it is: the instrumental versions of all songs from “Wisdom & Failure” – from dark soundscapes to harsh grooves, all without the vocals.

Ghosts Of The West Coast (2015)


The four songs on “Ghosts Of The West Coast” depict a darker side of songwriter/producer Chris Wirsig’s adoptive home of California. Each song is a cover sung by separate guest vocalists and no:carrier’s own Cynthia Wechselberger. The songs on Ghosts of the West Coast show the American dream gone wrong with a stalking ex-boyfriend looking for his lost love at the end of the summer (Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer”), the perils of fame and showbiz (Belinda Carlisle’s “California”), lost dreams and fortunes leading to homelessness (Tony Carey’s “Room With A View”), and again, lost love (Irish traditional “She Moved Through The Fair”).

Apart from Cynthia, who sings the somber „She Moved Through The Fair“, the singers are: Melissa Harding („California“), who already worked with artists like Mötley Crüe, Sixx.A.M. and 30 Seconds To Mars, Kalib DuArte („The Boys Of Summer“), who is best known as the lead singer of Audio Terrorist, and Lauralee Brown (“Room With A View”), a well-known singer/songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Live at The Viper Room (2014)

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The first ever US live performance by no:carrier at the legendary Viper Room in Los Angeles. This free EP features all (minus one for legal reasons) songs we played at this great venue. It’s a raw recording but the sound gets better balanced after the first minutes 😉

Wisdom & Failure (2014)


no:carrier once again carve their own path on “Wisdom & Failure.” The album’s foundation is a mixture of Dark Wave and Electro-/Synth-Pop, but from there they enter unknown territory, skillfully adding acoustic instruments and elements of other styles – resulting in a sound that is more versatile than ever. The songs deal with the strength that is necessary to go your own way. Throughout the twelve songs of “Wisdom & Failure” the protagonists keep looking back, and are haunted by the ghosts of the past. Hurtful and dunning memories of past events (“Last Scene,” “Alone Now”) stand next to strong characters that carve their own path (“Let Me Walk Alone,” “Losing Sight Of The Coast”) amongst tragic stories about failure (“The Nine Days’ Queen,” “Sunset Castle”). But above all else remains wisdom and strength, both of which can arise from failure (“Wisdom And Failure”).

Confession EP (2014)


“Confession“ deals with a confession without regret or remorse: „I know what I have done wrong, but can’t regret it or beg for forgiveness. It can’t be undone,” says Chris Wirsig. Stylistically “Confession” dwells in the field of Synthpop/Electropop, the second new song “Hero To A Fool” surprises with acoustic elements – from tuba to clarinette – but still is electronic. “The lyrics are socio-critical. Sadly we are really living in a time where the dumbest man can look like a hero to a fool, as it is said in the song,” says Chris about it. “A Bright Room” is the most experimental song of the three new works. Feverish surrealistic lyrics just like from a dream (or nightmare), angelic choirs, deep bass. A perfect soundtrack for the next dark mystery thriller… The EP is rounded off by three remixes, once again produced by Mike S.: Two remixes of the titlesong “Confession” and one remix of the older song “And Sometimes” that can be heard in its original form on the debut album “My Own Dream”.

The Nine Days’ Queen (2013)


A tragic life story woven into a captivating song: “The Nine Days’ Queen” by no:carrier tells the story of Lady Jane Grey who was born into tumultuous, dark times, became the Queen of England for nine days before being dethroned by the real successor of King Edward VI. After several legal struggles Lady Jane Grey was beheaded on February 12, 1554.

Last Scene (2013)


The first single from the upcoming album “Wisdom & Failure”. The background stays dubious and no one knows exactly what the protagonists have lived through. „Last Scene“ commemorates past things that may better not have happened, but might have lead to success. Anyway they can’t be changed, so all that is left is the embittered-melancholic retrospect. Imbedded in electronic-swing beats, carried by Cynthia’s voice – contemplative, angry, dunning.

As a thank you to the fans the 5 track single is available at Bandcamp for just 1$. But you still can get the Radio Mix of “Last Scene” at iTunes, Amazon… too.

Absence Therewith – The Anagrams From Between The Chairs (2013)

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For the album “Between The Chairs” three free download singles have been released including some “anagram versions” of others songs from the album. These singles are going to be deleted, so here are the anagram b-sides on one album 🙂

Perfectly Safe (2012)

free virtual single – deleted

cover_perfectly_safe Perfectly Safe (3:25)
Absence Therewith (4:01)
Beaches, The Winter (3:43)

the third free virtual single from no:carrier’s acclaimed album “Between The Chairs”. we wonder if there’s a safe place somewhere or if it’s just the imagination of safety? coming with the last batch of the anagram songs and of course with booklet and inlay pdf files.

Between The Chairs (2011)


The cover gives a hint: There’s lots of space between the chairs to get a creative sitting posture. And with the new album no:carrier found their places (yes, not just one place) between the chairs called Pop, Electro and Wave (and a bit Gothic as well…). “Between The Chairs” combines great melodies, sophisticated lyrics, gripping songs, experimental notions and of course the outstanding voice of Cynthia Wechselberger. Harder, more club-oriented songs like “Casting The First Stone”, “Cask Of Wonders”, “Perfectly Safe” and “Sin Of Regret” encounter more melancholic, more quiet songs (“Run”, “The Way You Laughed”). And no:carrier are not satisfied with bringing only the usual sounds of pop music. “Pictures And The Drums” is a percussion and e-piano driven piece, while “Jerusalem Upon Your Palm” sends you down to the near east, raising some philosophical questions and “The Way You Laughed” features one of the darkest string sections you can use in a song that could still be labeled pop.

Sin Of Regret (2010)

free virtual single – deleted

cover_sin_of_regret Sin Of Regret (3:55)
A Bewitch, Here Sent (3:53)
The Sweatier Bench (3:50)
A Bench, Either West (5:50)

the second free virtual single with a song from the forthcoming album “Between The Chairs”. and once more with three non-album tracks. this time it’s sin – not your usual deadly sins, but a kind of philosophical look to the topic.

Cask Of Wonders (2009)

free virtual single – deleted

cover_cask_of_wonders Cask Of Wonders (3:18)
A Bench, There We Sit (4:29)
Beach, Neither West (3:25)
The Hewer’s Cabinet (4:04)

with this free virtual single we came back from a long silence: “Cask Of Wonders” is the first song from the forthcoming album “Between The Chairs” to be released as single, with three more non-album tracks. The title song deals with the eternal question “Should I do this, open the cask, try that?”. Cynthias voice is prominently featured in this danceable track.

Mr. Einstein Dub 2008 (2008)

free download (or name your price) at Bandcamp

our song for the tribute compilation (see below). a pack of questions to and thoughts about Albert Einstein. long out of stock, the album and the song remained a sought after piece of work. now Virtual Conformity remixed the song and Electric Heresy presents another free virtual single: “Mr. Einstein Dub 2008” features three songs, including two previously unreleased tracks! apart from the original version – released for the first time since 2005 – and the remix, the third song “From The Lightyear Cafe” by Virtual Conformity also deals with eternal questions and of course the man Albert Einstein.

Mr. Einstein (2005)

song for the tribute compilation released on NovaTune – deleted

cover_mc2 Mr. Einstein (5:32)

this was no:carrier’s song for one of the most unusual compilations ever. NovaTune released the Albert Einstein tribute cd in 2005, the official Einstein year. the 17 songs on this album were exclusively written for it by the artists of NovaTune. no:carrier participated with “Mr. Einstein”, a song that features quotes and original lyrics inspired by Albert Einstein.

My Own Dream (re-release 2004)

re-release on Electric Stars – deleted

cover_my_own_dream_es the first album in the 2004 re-release from Electric Stars. the cd came only with a four page booklet with no printed lyrics.

My Own Dream (2002)


the first album from no:carrier after the tape releases “death:row” and “processing” features a change in style: no more straight (or old) EBM and Electro, but varied songs between Electro, Dark Wave, Gothic and EBM. the topics raised deal mainly with self reflection, lost-in-thought melancholy and dreams – but without falling into clichés. the special thing about the music of no:carrier is the combination of different styles – for more convenience one can sort it into Electro or Future Pop: Electronics mingle with analog sounds, experimental samples with customary instruments, slightly distorted male vocals meet with an extraordinary female voice.

Processing (1997)

self released tape – deleted

cover_processing processing (original)
doesn’t mean a thing
for the unknown body
processing (junk mix)

the second release from no:carrier after stefan ritter left the band. besides typical ebm and electro songs it also featured some atmospheric dark instrumental tracks like the title song. and there’s also a rough first version of “for the unknown body” that some years later was to emerge in a more catchy style (but still with its ebm roots) on the first cd “My Own Dream”.

death:row (1996)

self released tape – deleted

cover_deathrow i don’t love you (3:24)
the gambler (3:41)
a dream within you (4:26)
love me hate me kill me (1:56)
follow me (3:46)
death row (4:43)
wasted (5:23)
waiting (3:07)

death:row was the first release by no:carrier – back then consisting of christian wirsig and stefan ritter. the songs which are mainly influenced by acts like :wumpscut: or front242 are more on the ebm side of the electronic music range. still they already feature some typical catchy melodies (although disguised through rough electronics) that more and more became one of the signatures of no:carrier.