Four very special cover versions, sung by four singers.
The new no:carrier EP explores the dark side of the American Dream.

The songs on "Ghosts Of The West Coast" show the American Dream gone wrong with a stalking ex-boyfriend looking for his lost love at the end of the summer (Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer”), the perils of fame and showbiz (Belinda Carlisle’s “California”), lost dreams and fortunes leading to homelessness (Tony Carey’s “Room With A View”), and again, lost love (Irish traditional “She Moved Through The Fair”).

Apart from no:carrier's Cynthia Wechselberger, who sings the somber „She Moved Through The Fair“, the singers are: Melissa Harding („California“), who already worked with artists like Mötley Crüe, Sixx.A.M. and 30 Seconds To Mars, Kalib DuArte („The Boys Of Summer“), who is best known as the lead singer of Audio Terrorist, and Lauralee Brown (“Room With A View”), a well-known singer/songwriter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After last year’s release of "Wisdom and Failure" no:carrier teamed up with other singers for the first time in the band’s history to record the four unlikely cover versions for "Ghosts Of The West Coast". Each cover has a special meaning to no:carrier’s Wirsig and Wechselberger: “After living in California for three years now and experiencing a kind of uprooting while looking behind the happy façade of the Golden State, the songs perfectly describe the lonely, desperate feeling one can sometimes get,” says Chris Wirsig.

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