nocarrier 2016no:carrier in the years 2016/2017 has evolved into a bigger project with different singers from several countries. Still maintaining the unique Electro Noir/Electropop style, songwriter/producer Chris Wirsig worked with five singers on the 2016 album “Broken Rainbow”, with longtime collaborator Cynthia Wechselberger providing vocals for three songs. Joining the band are Lauralee Brown, Liza Marie Sparks, Scilla Hess and Bobby Halvorson, who bring their own – often hauntingly – vocals to the songs.

nocarrier_1_mono_RGB_small_homepageVersion“We can’t be compared easily. We have our very own sound that includes elements from several styles – from Dark Wave to Synthpop, from Acoustic to Electro,” says Chris Wirsig, main songwriter and producer of no:carrier. “We’re not going on the trodden paths, we stay true to our ideals and write and record exactly the songs we want.”

no:carrier, originally founded in 1995 in Germany, never shied away from experimenting with sounds and emotions. After 2014’s release of the critically acclaimed third album “Wisdom & Failure”, the band teamed up in 2015 with singers in San Francisco and Los Angeles to record four unlikely cover versions for the spring EP “Ghosts Of The West Coast”.

nocarrier_5_by_Axel_Griesch_small_homepageVersionWith their first three albums and accompanying singles and EPs no:carrier accumulated great reviews over the world, from media outlets like The Big Takeover, Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Dark Spy, Astan, Chain DLK, Nachtaktiv, Side-Line, ReGen, and many others. Their first tour of the US West Coast brought them to the legendary Viper Room in Los Angeles as well as other cities.

before 2002

nocarrier_1996Back in the dark times of the 1990s – in the summer of 1995 – no:carrier was founded by Stefan Ritter and Christian Wirsig. Initially called Fast Delay, the sound of the band was deeply rooted in classical EBM and Electro with role models like Front 242, Laibach, :Wumpscut:, and others.

The first songs were released under the new name no:carrier in 1996 – on the tape “death:row”. The music magazine ChainDLK called the songs “obtaining a firm and sufficiently appreciable result”. In winter 1996 Stefan Ritter decided to get out of the project so the development of no:carrier was delayed. But in autumn 1997 the second tape “processing” was released as a solo project. The tape featured a song called “For The Unknown Body” that was to become the only old song re-recorded and released on the CD “My Own Dream”.

nocarrier_2002_1In 2001 no:carrier was joined by Cynthia Wechselberger whose outstanding voice builds the perfect counterpart to Christian’s spoken vocals. In March 2002 their debut-CD “My Own Dream” was released and gained a lot of very good reviews in magazines like Orkus, Elektrocution,, Dark Obsession, and Black.